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Yeah, you're kinda getting off-track a bit here
Syndrome Zed

08/18/2011 19:36:39


KJ's right, this is more of a philosophical question about how you define a good SC2 player.  As far as that's concerned, I would say this:  When we talk about Peyton Manning or Jerry Rice, we call them both excellent football players.  We sometimes also call them excellent [insert position here]s - QB's or receivers, in these cases.  But no one says they're lousy football players just because they're specialized and experts in one aspect of the game.  And it's not that a player couldn't be nonspecialized in football - some used to be pretty all-purpose. 


So I would say the same applies here.  The Idras and Sens and (dare I say it) KJ's are all excellent Zerg/Toss/Zerg players, respectively, but that also means they're very good/excellent Starcraft players too.


As far as the basic question of how the league would be structured, I'd have to argue for allowing people to pick their "home" maps rather than getting into race choice.  It's supposed to be fun, after all, and forcing someone to play with a race where they don't actually play it normally - in my case, I couldn't even tell you most of the hotkeys for terran, much less give you a basic build order - well, that's just not fun, it's frustrating.  And IMO that's more frustrating than simply getting my ass kicked by KJ or someone who's got triple my APM.  I can accept that, even though I'll still be too stubborn to just roll over and give up. :D  Like I said somewhere else, I've got a lot in common with the Raiders already. :) heh



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