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you actually play

08/18/2011 21:05:35


each player aligns with a team, there's a schedule, you play one game a week like NFL now.. and we can talk about this the whole season.. would be fun.

Then come playoff time we have our own playoff teams.

If we have 32, great.  If not, we have a mini-league... slimmed down.  But I think we can get 32 if we ask around.

All skill levels.. but have to figure out how to make it competitive for the bronzers too.  Not asking them to beat Diamond/Masters consistently but at least have a chance just like NFL teams do.  Any team can win any given Sunday.

If you have SC2 game now, no way in hell a bronze can beat a masters.  So we have to figure out either Home Field Advantage (pick map), plus maybe hit points handicap (already in SC2 system), or something else.. I don't know.  But we could try no handicap first half of the season see how it goes.  If there are still ZERO bronze wins vs gold/plat and higher.. then maybe we should make it better.

But I think we can put it to a vote before season starts what rules we'll have.



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