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Both Dehaka and Izsha were annoying.

04/22/2013 22:31:14


Dehaka, as you said, ALWAYS said the same thing. And his part in the psi destroyer mission felt gimmicky and how they included the primal zerg was lame.
I would have preferred it if the whole mission was primal zerg and maybe dungeon style rather than just killing some units and a building so you can go back to the real objective/mission.

Izsha wasn't as bad as Dehaka, but her conversations were repeated quite a bit ... well, actually, I guess it's really Kerrigan's responses to Izsha that annoyed me. They'd converse and it'd always end with Kerrigan reinforcing her rule and telling Izsha to not quesiton her.


As for fan service, I didn't notice any other than what you listed.

Now for the different TYPE of fan service, they always seemed to have the camera with a good view/angle of Kerrigan's butt with her a hip out ... plus her uniform / armor always drew attention to that area.



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