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Can you add an option to purge old messages?

12/28/2019 15:29:14


I joined this forum/community back in the old b.net StarCraft General Discussion days. I was basically a child, with all the immaturity and lack of internet cognizance that goes with it.

I popped in today and saw a post from a couple of years ago where some of you thought I was a mass shooter. I understand, the internet is forever, etc. But that is really embarassing and upsets me. 30 year old me is a lot different than 17 years ago me, and I would really hate for some of that stuff to be lorded over me somehow. I shared a lot of stuff about myself that I shouldn't have, and would really appreciate the ability to lock some of that stuff down or purge it completely. Honestly, I am shocked this place still exists, seeing as every other website I frequented as a child and teenager has since gone extinct. As an overall point, I doubt I am unique in this concern. 

I tried messaging KJ directly, but could not find an e-mail, and his Twitter profile doesn't allow DMs. 



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