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Category: Gaming and Technology

Just my opinion...
Iadder man

08/18/2011 17:30:13


If X crushes Y when X is Zerg, but Y wins when X is Terran or Toss; then Y is the better player.  I looked at the top 50 overall rankings on bnet and skipped to the first person that went random...that person plays SC2 the best...its not ZergCraft or TossCraft or TerranCraft-IMO, you are only as good as the average of the 3 races.  You an awesome Toss player but suck at Terran?  Your problem. 

It would also give the lesser players more of a chance...which is what we are looking for.  Overall, the better players are gonna win their games at home, and have to work at it on the road.

And of course Lagos would be the Packers...defending champ.

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