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Category: Gaming and Technology

you have a philosophical argument on "who is good at starcraft (any race)"

08/18/2011 18:13:30


which is not the point of this league.  If we vote and people want that, then fine.  I'd be more than willing to take that huge advantage lol.

What you can do to increase ur odds is practice your "home" map.. and have that advantage.

I guess what we could do is the player who gets handicapped gets to pick.. % hit points or race chosen for him.  That could be a good one.

Say one player really really sucks at Zerg and normally plays Protoss.  He may want to take the % hit points handicap instead.  Others may not mind.  You could leave it as the choice of the player to be handicapped.

But so far some people here don't want any handicaps period.

Look it's the first season.. let's not make it too crazy..  

But unlike NFL where any team could beat any team any given Sunday, I just do not see any way a low level Bronze will beat a Masters.. ever.

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