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fan service (spoilers, just finish the game first)

03/21/2013 00:16:52


I'm not going through the trouble Iadder man went through to hide spoilers.  Stop reading and go finish the game.




What "fan service" have you noticed in HOTS?  I noticed 3 things but I can only remember two off the top of my head right now:

1.  By far the biggest is Stukov.  Fans have been asking what the deal is with this guy for years.  To be honest I'm not sure Blizzard would have even thought to include this guy if not for all the complaints from fans that Brood War was effectively ignored/discarded when WOL came out.  Fans wanted vindication and they got it.

2.  Similar to the above, another reason fans complained that Brood War had been ignored in WOL was because there was never any mention of Fenix.  HOTS manages to work in a quick line about Fenix in the cutscene where you rescue Jim.

3.  I swear there was another good one but I can't remember it at the moment.


On an unrelated note, is Dehaka the most unexciting character of any work, fiction or nonfiction, of all time?  I'm pretty sure he is in the running.  I did every conversation with him.  Every single one sounded exactly the same.  Kerrigan asks or says something, then Dehaka replies "Must collect essence.  Essence is good."

His special ability when you finally need him is that you finally need him.

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