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Jaguar XJR

Jaguar XJR

stock photo from jaguar.com

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I finally found a worthy replacement to my Nissan Maxima and Lexus ES300!

Currently, in the 0-60 MPH sprint, the XJR ranks 2nd fastest production sedan in the world after the BMW M5, (at least that's what Jaguar says so that's a biased source of info). Times range from 5.1-5.4 secs. according to Motor Trend. Here are some good reviews of the XJR from 1999. Loaded with luxurious amenities, this car is unreal. The engine produces 370 HP thanks to the V8 power and supercharger. How about the 1/4 mile? Well here's a test done by Popular Mechanics where it was compared to a Dodge Viper, Mustang Cobra, etc. It wasn't too bad actually, making the rankings: 12th Jaguar XJR, 13.62 secs @ 104.21 MPH

5/16/2002 actual car pics
JAG1.jpg (211842 bytes) JAG2.jpg (219434 bytes) JAG4.jpg (314405 bytes)
JAG5.jpg (251294 bytes) JAG6.jpg (290778 bytes) JAG7.jpg (136461 bytes)

Technical Info from Yahoo/Edmunds

kbb.com review

Australian review

Click thumbnail to see full size image
More Pics..

jag_ext_front_1.jpg (146552 bytes)

this car is a piece of art

jag_ext_front_2.jpg (93423 bytes)

ready to race

jag_lights_1.jpg (92147 bytes)

with hood popped up, you can see the lights

jag_lights_2.jpg (127194 bytes)

top view

jag_ext_back_1.jpg (78402 bytes)

the bright lights are the rear fog lights, not reverse lights

jag_ext_back_2.jpg (16680 bytes)

parked but ready to go

jag_ext_side_1.jpg (138758 bytes)

the driveway needs some work

jag_ext_side_2.jpg (71640 bytes)

there's the distinctive jaguar hood ornament

jag_ext_side_3.jpg (38125 bytes)

profile shot

jag_driverside_1.jpg (112657 bytes)

come on in

jag_cockpit_1.jpg (103328 bytes)

settle in the cockpit

jag_steering_wheel.jpg (107680 bytes)

feel the cherry wood on the wheel

jag_steering_wheel_2.jpg (101309 bytes)

select the memory settings for seat, steering wheel, etc. position

jag_electronics.jpg (105214 bytes)

there's J-shifter and the electronics

jag_backseat_1.jpg (95638 bytes)

backseat where you can feel the Connolly leather

jag_backseat_2.jpg (37631 bytes)

more leather view

jag_engine_1.jpg (130490 bytes)

pop the hood and see the Jaguar power

jag_engine_2.jpg (135645 bytes)

370 horsepower V8 engine

jag_engine_3.jpg (135828 bytes)

Eaton superchargers (same as in Aston Martin)

jag_sunroof_1.jpg (48580 bytes)

the Jaguar emblem on the visor (as if you need reminding)

jag_rearview_mirror.jpg (89481 bytes)

light-adjusting rearview mirrors for the annoying hi-beams

jag_speakers.jpg (66884 bytes)

Harman Kardon premium sound system

jag_wheel_1.jpg (29350 bytes)

these wheels handle 0-60 in 5.1-5.4 seconds

jag_wheel_2.jpg (60700 bytes)

huge 18" alloy wheels with Pirelli tires can handle speeds of 155 MPH (electronically limited)

Future Mods? If I had money and I was in the UK, I'd super-supercharge it to 450 hp!!. Anyway, here are more car performance stats from a diff. site: click here.

Read comments at KJ forum on my car if you have a chance. :-)

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