SVN - dealing with trunks, branching, making releases, merging, etc

Since I'm new to Subversion (SVN), and command line calls, here's some sample commands and good practice to branch off a trunk, make changes, merge (dry run), merge, then test, then commit.

For good site on SVN basics:

  • - SVN host url
  • myapp - my application

    copy myapp trunk to branch ABC-123:

    svn cp -m "ABC-123 Branching off trunk"

    You can then work on the branch "ABC-123".

    After you're done, you'll need the revision number.

    So to get branch on your copy:

    svn log --stop-on-copy
    r18132 | kgarcia | 2009-03-24 14:53:10 +0000 (Tue, 24 Mar 2009) | 1 line

    ABC-123 - add this enhancement, and fix other bugs
    [ ABC-123]$ pwd

    To make a release branch "2009-04", copy trunk to branch:

    []$ svn cp -m "Branching off trunk for the April 2009 release"

    Committed revision 18239.

    After you're done and ready to merge back (to main trunk, or release), do a dry-run. This won't merge, but good to get statuses of files like U for updated, A for added, and C for conflict, which is what you'll watch out for.

    If you don't see any conflicts, great. So run the merge to merge the branch you want to merge INTO the checked out copy

    [ 2009-04]$ pwd
    [ 2009-04]$ svn merge --dry-run -r18132:HEAD https://app/svn/myapp/branches/ABC-123

    A home/webmetrics_banner.php
    U home/dsp_home.php
    A images/kj_banner.gif
    U order/secondary/act_step5.php
    U order/karljay/act_step5.php
    U zone/dsp_zonelist.php

    When ready, remove the --dry-run to do the real thing.

    After testing it is good, commit:

    [ 2009-04]$ svn commit -m "ABC-123 Merged to April 2009 release branch"
    Sending home/webmetrics_banner.php
    Sending home/dsp_home.php
    Sending images/kj_banner.gif
    Sending order/secondary/act_step5.php
    Sending order/karljay/act_step5.php
    Sending zone/dsp_zonelist.php
    Transmitting file data ......
    Committed revision 18240.

  • KJ Forum FACEBOOK app

    Finally, the KJ Forum is now available as a Facebook app:


    Link to the app:

    Once you add it, you can have it as a TAB:

    click to view large

    And of course available in your bottom left application links:

    And the full screen app:

    When you post, a difference with the normal non-facebook app KJ forum is that this one shows your user profile pic:

    It will also provide NEWS FEED updates to your friends when you post a new topic, or reply to a topic:


    chess layout adjustments

    Chess has now been layed out a bit better to maximize space usage, and put items in proper locations:

    1. captured pieces are bottom right, and minimized since it is not often referred to
    2. PGN is top right, but is not as high. To compensate, there is a scrolling bar, and the list is scrolled to the bottom automatically to show the last move.
    3. messages are moved to be more visible, and is available with a scroll bar as well.
    4. the chess board is smaller to let others have more room.

    As you can see, things are squeezed more together, but is still a bit big for our normal page layout. Stay tuned for more adjustments as we play with improving the site!

    Webchess is now ready!

    The interface is still being modified, and the site is being redesigned. But the new webchess software is active and ready.

    LOGIN: go to your account here and click on CHESS on the main menu:

    PASSWORD RESET: If you have an issue with your account password, go here to have your password reset by providing the email address you used to register:
    Mail will be sent to you to login using temporary link and ability to change your password. Make sure you check your SPAM/BULK mail folder. Sometimes your mail provider will move the emails there thinking it is spam.
    If you're still having issues, here's the reset password thread you can post to ask for a reset:

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    If you are still having issues, do not hesitate to contact us on the KJ FORUM

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