Clan vs Hendralisk showmatch game results [SPOILERS]

Enjoy the video!

1. [KJ]KenjiMuyo (Terran) loses in Hard Rain
2. [KJ]Josef (Terran) loses in Overgrowth
3. [KJ]SirMalagant (Protoss) loses in Frost
4. [KJ]FilthyRake (Protoss) loses in Overgrowth
5. [KJ]Freeedom (Zerg) wins in Overgrowth
6. [KJ]Freeedom (Zerg) loses in King Sejong Station

5-1 Hendralisk dominates.


Game 1: amazing full game going gasless and winning with just queens and slow lings
Game 2: failed proxy rax by Josef is punished by swarmhosts
Game 3: 4 hatcheries then queens + spines to defend against colossus, then straight to brood lords
Game 4: cannon is punished by taking 2 golds then pure spines + queens push
Game 5: normal 3 hatch build for both zergs, but the deviation was Freeedom's non-stop 2-2 roach barrage, then 2nd wave with burrow, 3rd stage with movement, to attack at 3 areas vs roaches/spines/infestors
Game 6: failed All In zergling/baneling by Hendralisk's amazing micro avoiding banelings and drone hold