[IPT]Enderr vs [KJ]Freeedom showmatch videos are up!

Ever since the inception and the teaser trailer, excitement has built regarding this showmatch: http://www.karljay.com/main/content/showmatch-iptenderr-vs-kjfreeedom

Now for those that have missed the games, here are they in chronological order, and no spoilers here yet so u can enjoy the action. Casted by FilthyRake and mieubrisse!

GAME 1, ZvP:

GAME 2, ZvT:

GAME 3, ZvZ:

After this, a couple of hours later Enderr then played in a pro tournament and came in 2nd, losing to Petreaeus 1-2, but did beat #22 World Ranked Korean Zerg player KingKong 2-0: