NFL-SC2 Week 5

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* those with the ? are playing their ladder games as no SC2 player is matched to that NFL team. See rules and other info here.

Week 5 results:
Winner in BOLD

Raiders at Texans (Syndrome Zed v ?)

Cardinals at Vikings (? v aurae/pokered)

Titans at Steelers (? v WRXsTi )

Seahawks at Giants (BlakeHG v Plague )

Eagles at Bills (KenjiMuyo v SirMordred )

Saints at Panthers (JohnyMonster v ? )

Bengals at Jaguars (StormBeast v Hurtntime )

Chiefs at Colts (phantom/productx v nica )

Buccaneers at 49ers (Pred v Josef )

Chargers at Broncos (strawberries v ? )

Jets at Patriots (Gergall v OD1N)

Packers at Falcons (goofylg v ? )