NFL-style Starcraft 2 season tournament!

Here's when the idea was conceived, as well as discussions of rules.


STANDINGS 1 2 3 4 5 6

Here's the final rules:

1. SC2 player - NFL team

Each player will play as an NFL team they choose. Whoever that team plays for the week, will play the corresponding player. For example, 0D1N who represents the Patriots, plays the Dolphins on week 1, represented by kaffinejo.

2. Homefield Advantage - map choice

Pats is at Dolphins, so kaffinejo has home field advantage meaning kaffinejo gets to choose the map (standard Blizzard map or IPL/GSL pro map). These 2 players will need to coordinate when to play their game, as long as it is played during week 1.

3. No opponent?

If an NFL team with an SC2 player associated with it is matched up with an NFL team with no SC2 player.. then the SC2 player will have to play a ladder game.

The player MUST post on the thread that they are about to play their ladder game. Then after that, upload the replay to this site's replay uploader.

The game will count towards the NFL-style standings, win or lose.

4. 2 NFL teams playing each other but no SC2 player?

Then the actual result of the NFL game will be used to determine winner.

5. Handicaps?

We have several different leagues here as far as skill.. from Bronze to Diamond. So to make it fair we *might* do handicaps after week 8.

But let's wait and see how things play out. So weeks 1-8 will be as is. If NO team has any upsets, then we WILL do handicaps based on level difference between the 2 SC2 players:

1 level = no handicap
2 levels = 90 (Bronze vs Silver, Gold vs Diamond,etc)
3 levels = 80 (Bronze vs Platinum, Diamond vs Silver)
4 levels = 70 (Bronze vs Diamond)

6. Late/missed game?

Email me I might make exceptions as long as you let me know. Otherwise, if you don't play your game you will get the loss. I would need to hear who tried to schedule and who couldn't.


Here are the list of players and teams so far. Those who are ready can start. We might have some catchup players in a bit.. games already played by NFL teams means catchup players cannot choose that team.

Contact the player on the forum: or on BNET. You can see their Bnet Name and Code Number here:

Dallas Cowboys - ladder Buffalo Bills - SirMordred
Philadelphia Eagles - KenjiMuyo Miami Dolphins - kaffinejo
New York Giants - Plague New England Patriots - 0D1N
Washington Redskins - Freedom New York Jets - Gergall
Chicago Bears - ladder Baltimore Ravens - SirMalagant
Detroit Lions - ladder Cincinnati Bengals - StormBeast
Green Bay Packers - goofylg Cleveland Browns - CharlesBeard
Minnesota Vikings - aurae/pokered Pittsburgh Steelers - WRXsTi
Atlanta Falcons - ladder Houston Texans - ladder
Carolina Panthers - ladder Indianapolis Colts - nica
New Orleans Saints - JohnyMonster Jacksonville Jaguar - Hurtntime
Tampa Bay Bucs - Pred Tennessee Titans - ladder
Arizona Cardinals - ladder Denver Broncos - ladder
San Francisco 49ers - Josef Kansas City Chiefs - phantom/productx
Seattle Seahawks - BlakeHG Oakland Raiders - SyndromeZed
St.Louis Rams - rl San Diego Chargers - strawberries

ladderman - Packers