Showmatches with Pro Starcraft 2 player Hendralisk

Next Friday, July 25, 11pm US Eastern we'll have 3 of the [KJ] clans players play against professional zerg player, Complexity's Hendralisk! He's currently ranked #133 in the world.

Our best Terran, Zerg and Protoss will have fun playing against a Pro. While none of them are close to GrandMaster level and lets be honest has no shot of winning, this will be a fun experience for them. It's like playing basketball against an NBA player, you won't win but it will be fun to get your shots blocked almost every attempt!

This will be casted by FilthyRake via Let's Kung Fu's charity event (more info here: Our event is at 11pm Eastern, but you can watch his current 24 hour cast for other Starcraft and Hearthstone games here:

It will be an all-kill style team format, between the clan and Hendralisk, 1 game each:

[KJ]SirMalagant - Protoss
[KJ]KenjiMuyo - Terran
[KJ]AGTOrange - Zerg
[KJ]Josef - Terran
[KJ]FilthyRake - Protoss
[KJ]Freeedom - Zerg
? - Ace match

This is open to any of our other clan members (must have the [KJ] tag) that want to play let us know you just have to beat the 3 players above for the right (bo3) to play against the pro. But if no challengers, it will be those 3 chosen.