Starcraft Season 2 players and casters

From the discussion/registration post:, here are the players, total of 12:

Returning players from season 1:

  • Josef , Terran : 2nd runner up, Season 1. most recent rank is Diamond.

  • SirMalagant, Protoss : 1st runner up, Season 1. Diamond.

  • Blake, Protoss : 2nd runner up, Season 1. most recent rank is Diamond.

  • AgtOrange, Zerg : Platinum

  • Freeedom, Zerg : Season 1 champion, 2 time masters, all else Diamond. Platinum as other races. Follow him on twitter and instagram at @KarlJayG


  • HurtnTime, Terran : former broodwar skilled Terran player, now on to SC2. Currently Gold. Was one of the oldest members on KJ forum.

    theme song: Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

  • Decy, Protoss : Diamond

  • SamuraiPanda, Protoss : streams often on twitch. Link is..

  • Gorland, Terran : currently Gold and nephew of decy

  • Shiekh, Zerg : Silver

    theme song: Muse - Uprising

  • VIIXIMCMXC , Terran : 8 time master as Terran in another account, platinum as other races.


    AGE: 23

  • JDON, ? : no info - pending. Contact him on FB.


  • FilthyRake -, Diamond Protoss player, After Hours Gaming League Administrator, host of Let's Kung Fu!, and Pilot Season caster.

  • HyperPred -
    Terran player, one of the original members of the KJ forum.