Starjeweled vs Insane win

I finally beat Insane AI at Starjeweled, earning the achievement. It took me somewhere between 50 and 100 attempts. When I first started, I sucked at Bejeweled, but my secret weapon is persistence.

You'll notice that I did not generate nearly as much energy as the Insane AI. By creating the correct units and getting some luck, you can win with only about 60% of the computer's energy.

The most popular strategy is:
1. Save up 900-1000 energy, then build 3 tanks
2. Pray for a big combo so you can build 5 more tanks ASAP.
3. After building the 8th tank, spam ghosts nonstop (some people prefer hydras, just pick one and stick with it). If you don't get these out fast, 1-2 banshees/mutas will kill your tanks almost instantly (much much faster than in normal Starcraft 2 games).
4. Even with perfect execution, you will usually lose due to bad luck with timing or enemy unit choices. Therefore, step 4 is to repeat over and over until you win :-/

In all of my attempts, I had 4 REALLY close losses where I destroyed 3 or even 4 of the enemy photon cannons before being pushed back and losing. In this winning replay, I really had a nice solid wall of tanks that gave me a definitive win. Yay achievements.

Game Length: 
3 mins, 55 secs
Team Size: 
Game Speed: 
Date of game: 
Sun, 04/17/2011 - 21:36
PlayerRaceFavored RaceColorTeamAverage APMWinner?
GergallTerranRedTeam 10WON!
Player 4 (Insane)TerranPurpleTeam 20WON!
Player 5 (Medium)TerranYellowTeam 10WON!
Player 6 (Medium)TerranOrangeTeam 20WON!
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